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The AMDPA Scientific Session usually consists of a two-day scientific conference which offers dynamic speakers, technical exhibits, and the opportunity to fulfill continuing education requirements.  The overarching goal of the Scientific Sessions is to identify and examine those health care disparities that affect the community that is predominately served by minority health care workers – physicians, dentists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

The Scientific program gives physicians and other healthcare professionals an opportunity to enhance their knowledge, advance their skills and learn about the latest developments in medicine. The attendees are primarily medical, dental and pharmaceutical licensed healthcare professionals who work with patients in hospitals, private clinics and university settings.

The Scientific Session Program Committee strives to continue to meet the following educational goals:

Maintain a high quality content that is evidence-based and clinically useful for attendees.
Sustaining attendees evaluations and feedback describing AMDPA’s annual meeting as outstanding and worth attending
Continuing the efforts to find the balance between providing information/content and providing significant time for peer interaction

Why attend?

To learn new things outside your area of expertise.

To learn new things in your area of expertise.

To present your work to others.

For other healthcare professionals to meet you.

To meet other healthcare professionals

This year's 2022 Annual Scientific theme is The Practice and Policy of Implementing Preventive Health and Health Equity and will be held at the UAMS Center for Aging. The registration fee is $125 for current paid members and $200 for non-members. Registration for students is FREE. 


Sponsorship & Exhibitors Prospectus

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Program Outline

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COVID-19 Safety  Requirements

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