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The Arkansas Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical Association Pharmacy Summer Internship Program (P.S.I.P.) offers an 8-week summer program in community pharmacies, aiming to increase diversity in Arkansas pharmacies.


The program creates a Pharmacy Learning Experience (P.L.E.) that would partner with interested minority candidates in the following categories:

High School Graduates

G.E.D. Recipients




Mentorship Opportunities

Support With 
Obtaining A Pharmacy Technician License 

Community Pharmacy

A Stipend For Participating



Check out the list of FAQS below for instructions on how to apply. 

  • What is unique about the Arkansas Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical Association Pharmacy Summer Internship Program (P.S.I.P.)?
    The P.S.I.P. is a unique opportunity to get a first-hand introduction to the pharmacy profession. The program offers mentorship opportunities, hands-on experience, and supports students with obtaining a pharmacy technician license.
  • Am I eligible?
    You're eligible if you're interested in the pharmacy profession and are in one of the following categories: Graduating High School Seniors GED Recipients College Students Student Pharmacists
  • Is there an age requirement?
    All applicants must be 18 years of age or older by May 31st, 2023.
  • Can you share additional information about the stipend?
    Each participant shall receive a stipend for participating in this program comparable to pharmacy pay in the area. If you have a question regarding the stipend, please submit the question using the PSIP contact form.
  • How do I apply?
    You can apply by: a) filling out the online application form here b) downloading a pdf version of the application and then uploading the completed application here c) downloading a pdf version of the application and then mailing the application to: Attention: Judy Ali, PharmD East Arkansas Family Health Center, Inc. 900 North 7th Street West Memphis, AR 72301 ** PDF downloadable application will need to be postmarked by April 15th.
  • What is the deadline to apply?
    The deadline to apply is April 15th. If mailed, must be postmarked by April 15th.
  • What does a day working in the pharmacy look like?
    Interns (pharmacy technicians or pharmacy students) will work with pharmacists to ensure the health and safety of patients. For example, they will locate, count, pour, pack, and label a prescribed medication for patients that are then reviewed for accuracy by a pharmacist before dispensing. In addition, they will work with others to keep the pharmacy neat, clean, and organized. They may also help with administrative tasks such as processing insurance claims, receiving and tracking inventory, immunization, and filing paperwork.
  • How much of my time is required?
    Each participant will be expected to spend 20-40 hours weekly in the assigned pharmacy for eight consecutive weeks. Learning experience times may vary based on placement.
  • Is travel required?
    Yes. Participants will be required to travel to set location where they are placed. Students are usually placed in a pharmacy located in their county.
  • Is obtaining a pharmacy intern or pharmacy technician license required for this program?
    Yes. All program participants, once selected, will complete the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy licensing process which includes passing a state and federal background check. AMDPA will cover the application cost. For more information about license requirements click the links below: Pharmacy Students (you are currently enrolled as a student at a college of pharmacy) Pharmacy Technicians (you are not currently a student at a college of pharmacy)

Contact Us at P.S.I.P.
Phone Number: 501.858.2644

Thanks for submitting!

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