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For over one hundred years, AMDPA has been a voice in underserved communities in the state of Arkansas.  Join a professional healthcare organization whose mission is to reduce and eradicate healthcare disparities.

Types of Memberships Available

  • Regular Membership ($325)

  • Associate Membership ($165)

  • Resident Membership ($50)

  • Lifetime Membership (FREE)

  • Student Membership (FREE)

Dues are paid annually and are based on a calendar year.


  • Access to an online membership directory

  • Your business or practice will be listed on the AMDPA website and linked to your website

  • Build your network of professional colleagues with other AMDPA members across the state of Arkansas

  • Annual Scientific Session

  • Opportunities to gain CME credits

  • Monthly email updates on special events and member programs


Do you have a colleague who you think should be a member of AMDPA?  Participate in our Member-Get-A-Member Campaign? We know that our current members are the best possible resources for finding new members who could benefit from what AMDPA has to offer.

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